3 & 4 april 2023

Let’s experiment with low and no alcohol

NabLab is the first European trade event for no-alcohol beverages and low alcohol beverages. Through the event we give the category it’s personal podium and stimulate all the exciting things happening in this sector. It’s truly a must-visit for those who are (thinking about) selling, buying or supplying no and low alcohol drinks. Find out what’s brewing in our  four Labs and check out the innovative developments in Spirits, Wine, Beer and Alternative drinks.

The first European No and Low alcohol event

3 & 4 April 2023 - Sugar City

Our Innovators

Our exhibitors are all true innovators and deserving of the title. It’s still quite a challenge to create that perfect low or no alcohol drink, but our Innovators have done their research and will share their most unique, most inspiring, newest and/or tastiest drinks in the category.